Sunday, 17 September 2017

St Charles Lwanga Bukerere Primary School

Great news that St Charles Lwanga Bukerere Primary School, Mukono, is now linked with Guildford County School.

The school has developed a garden on a 600 square meter plot of land. It was started in 2013 and is cultivated by the children.

They grow bananas, paw paws, beans and maize. They utilize a seedbed and most seeds are purchased. They use the soil from the rubbish pits as compost in the garden. The garden is designed to control water and soil erosion. The water used in the garden is from a well and rainwater.

The garden is well-fenced in order to control unwanted access to it. Most of the harvest is eaten at school by the children.

The greatest challenges of the garden are the pests that are rampant and that destroy the crops, such as maize, and the limited time that the children have to look after their garden.

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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Disappointing delay over visa applications

Members in Guildford were very disappointed about the visa applications from Mukono High School being refused.

We had been hoping that everyone would have been able to attend our fund-raising dinner on Monday 18th September.

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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Busenya primary School

Mathias Kiwanuka is the head teacher of Busenya primary School. He is here with some of the parents.

Here are some of the girls at the school.

Here are some of the boys at the school.

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Lutengo United Secondary School

Edward Kaweesi is the head teacher of Lutengo United Seconday School.

He writes:

Lutengo United Secondary School is located in Mukono District - Nnama Sub–County in Uganda. 

Vision: To have committed hardworking and progressive youth in the society. 

Mission: To produce obedient, enterprising and self sustaining students.

Our motto: So little yet….

It is a community–based school that was started by experienced teachers in 2000, who realised the scarcity of secondary and vocational education in Nnama sub county at the time.

Currently the school has 320 students and runs from form one to form six (ages 13 years to 19 years). Of course, some of our students are a bit older because age doesn’t correspond with class in Uganda. We are a mixed school and some of our students travel in each day from their homes while others live in the dormitories at school. 

Many of our children are either orphans or needy because we are located in the rural area to serve the rural poor who cannot afford posh education in the towns. 

Since 2006, we have been beneficiaries of the Guildford–Mukono link and we are grateful to the past and present board of trustees. 

We benefited in infrastructure development when we were assisted to put up a four-roomed class room block and a boys’ and girls’ dormitory

We have also seen the Guildford Mukono Link finding sponsors for five of our former students who have all graduated and are doing some good work in society. 

Though still young the three girls and two boys have already started some enterprises to serve the community. 

There is also a staff house which we are putting up at the school with the assistance of the Guildford Mukono Link. The reason is to save on teachers’ transport costs and also enhance student discipline on the part of the boarders. 

The students of St. Peter’s Catholic school in Guildford fund raised for us to build a chicken house to enhance chicken rearing skills by providing both practical and theory to our students as a future vocation. The building has been roofed but not yet completed. My gratitude goes to the school administration, student, their parents and the link for what we have achieved so for. 

While it is a story of successes, there are challenges as well.

1) We would like to complete the staff as soon as the funds allow. 

2) The rearing of chickens at the school for skills’ development and income generation which is still a dream. 

3) We still have a problem developing our games. This is an area that requires some investment in form of kits and balls. Our students have talents but are unable to develop their talents because of their poor background and our school's limited resources. 

4). As we expand we shall also require a games field. We have the land area but not the funds to develop it. As a young institution new challenges keep coming up but for the moment this is our priority list. As a school, along with other well-wishers, we are convinced that we shall overcome those challenges sooner than later. 

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Monday, 4 September 2017

Mukono High School

Julius Mukwanya is the headteacher of Mukono High School.

Dorothy Nakintu is the Head of the Sixth Form and Frederick Balenzi is the Sports Coordinator.

Friday, 18 August 2017

A new teacher at Bridget's Crane Academy school

This is Bridget's new teacher, Olivia, helping pupils in class at the Crane Academy for Infants in Uganda.

Several years ago Bridget started her own nursery school in the house of her sister in Kampala. It has grown and now has three or four classrooms. Many schools in Uganda are private schools as the government has failed to keep up with the increasing population and the gap is filled by the private sector. Bridget has been extremely enterprising to get her school to grow as it has.

Bridget was at Lutengo school with Harriet and was the second female student supported by the Guildford Mukono Link through university.

Bridget writes: "Crane academy infant school is fine. We are getting our holidays tomorrow on Friday. And next term will begin on 18th September 2017. Next term will be short but we shall have many activities to do. Like graduating pupils from top class to primary, sports day and completing the syllabus."

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Monday, 31 July 2017

Farming Skills Workshop

I was very impressed by the knowledge the teachers brought to the workshop.

Mercy, from Busenya, brought a banana 'bowl' and a banana tree and showed how suckers could be cultivated.

Mercy showed how drainage ditches could be placed to collect the most amount of water.

She also described how manure can be made in pits.

Douglas explained how fertilizer can be made by fermenting tree leaves.

Suitable crops were discussed. 

Busenya's farm should become a model farm. Advice is given by a Governor and the children will be very proud of what they have achieved.

St Andrew's School grows food in grow-bags.

*** To revive school farms in Mukono district the schools need:

Hoes - at 1,000 UgX each (£0.21 in British money).

Forked hoes - at 20,000 to 25,000 UgX each (£4.20 in British money).

Rakes - at 15,000 UgX each (£3.15 in British money).

Watering cans - at 10,000 UgX each (£2.10 in British money).

Spades - at 10,000 UgX each (£2.10 in British money).

Spray cans - at 60,000 UgX each (£12.60 in British money).

Wheelbarrows - at 60,000 UgX each (£12.60 in British money).
A padlock.

A one-off supply of seeds would kick-start LunchForAll.


Sunday, 30 July 2017

Fund raising dinner in Guildford on Monday 18th September at 7.00

All supporters are invited to our annual fund-raising dinner in Guildford.

It will be a great opportunity to meet other supporters and to hear about the many developments we have supported in Mukono schools.

We hope you will be able to come. Please let Tamsy know on: 


See you!